Deconstructed bodies and protection sigils: How LGBTQ+ artists are commanding space


Duane Paul
“I’m combining my photography work, my painting work and my sculptural work into one presentation of ideas that explore gender, sensuality, sexuality, race — sometimes just playing with shape and composition — which always leads me back to whatever I’m experiencing in the world,”

Exhibit, Curated by
Steve Galindo @TheStyleGuyde and Arushi Kapoor @ArushiKapoor1

@latimes @barnsdall @Culture_LA

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Join artists Duane Paul and Kyungmi Shin for a walkthrough of their latest work in COLA 2023 followed by a brief Q&A moderated by DCA LAMAG Curator, Nancy Meyer.

Artist Talk with Duane Paul and Kyungmi Shin

Wednesday, August 23 at 12 PM

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 4804 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027

Duane Paul, detail of LANDSCAPE OF SOIL AND BONE...,2023.

Kyungmi Shin, detail of The Invisible Woman #4, 2023.

Images are courtesy of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs / Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.  Photos by Jeff McLane.

Arushi Kapoor Presents Emerging & Mid Career Trans, Non Binary and Queer Artists in ‘Decoding Americana's Queer Sensibilities’ Exhibit, Curated by Steve Galindo

Opening July 26th, 2023

Private Residence, Los Feliz

6-10 PM

In a mesmerizing convergence of creativity, a group of multi cultural visionary queer artists embarks on an extraordinary endeavor. With resolute determination, they reshape the traditional domains of Americana with multicultural queer influences to sculpture, painting, and photography, breathing new life into the very essence of Americana. In parallel to the indomitable spirit of the queer, trans, and non-binary community, the fabric of this nation is woven with multicultural queer diversity, ingenuity, and ancestral legacies that shape its cultural tapestry.

Through a curated selection of multi cultural queer artist’s artworks, this exhibition becomes a kaleidoscope of craftsmanship akin to the vibrant hues of a rainbow. It celebrates and magnifies the joys, excellence, and barrier-breaking nature of the queer, trans, and non-binary communities. Within these contemporary masterpieces lie the profound imprints of queer legacies, influences, and future visions, all interwoven in a rich multi cultural reinterpretation of Americana.

Here, quilting, weaving, painting, sculpture, collage, photography, and mixed media converge, offering glimpses into the myriad ways in which these artists unravel the complexities of multi-cultural American identity. Their artistic expressions become the conduits through which narratives of heritage, resilience, and metamorphosis are channeled. The classical mediums, now reborn through the lens of these multicultural queer trailblazing artists, reflect the evolving spirit of a nation in constant transformation.

As you immerse yourself in this exhibition, prepare to witness the tangible manifestations of queer artists' profound connections to Americana. Their works radiate with a potent blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and deep-seated emotions. With each stroke of the brush, every chiseled form, and the captured essence of a moment, they guide us on a thought-provoking voyage, urging us to reimagine and reinterpret the very fabric of our shared American identity including queer and multi cultural sensibilities.

Within these hallowed halls, traditions are shattered, boundaries are expanded, and the vibrant spirit of inclusivity thrives. Here, the intersection of cultures, art, queer sensibilities and Americana intertwines, inviting us to explore the diverse narratives that have shaped and continue to shape our collective journey. This exhibition is an invitation to embrace the power of queer artistic expression as a catalyst for change, renewal, and a celebration of the ever-evolving mosaic that is the American identity.

Participating artists:

Evangeline Adalyrion, Alannah Farrell, Stuart Sandford, Little Ricky aka Ricky Sension, Mia Weiner, Sara Sandoval, Duane Paul, Naruki Kukita, Sophia Gasporian, Joey Brock, Miguel Reyes Angel, Ruben Esparza.

About Arushi

Arushi Kapoor is an Indian-born, LA-based, art dealer, collector, philanthropist and author of the book “Talking Art by Arushi Kapoor”. As the director of Arushi Arts, USA, Arushi Arts, UK and Arushi Arts, India, Arushi has hosted previews and exhibited in art fairs in Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Bombay, and New Delhi. As an art consultant, she has simulated emotionally engaging environments in the residential, hospitality and institutional settings. She is on the South Asian Acquisitions Committee and on the board of BAFTA. She recently joined the board of UNICEF Next Gen, Curators Circle at LACMA and Young Collectors Board at ICA Miami. She is a passionate philanthropist and recently hosted a live auction for Christies x UNICEF Next Gen.

About Steve Galindo

Steve Galindo at THESTYLEGUYDE is an emerging, multi-media Los Angeles-based artist and curator. Galindo is the former Director of The Lost Warhols Collection and currently works within The City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division. Most recently, he graduated from the West Hollywood Artist Bootcamp 2021 cohort, was awarded an Emerging Black Gallery grant by Artsy in 2022 and spent the last five years collaborating with prominent artists, curators and gallerists in the private sector formulating an artistic and curatorial philosophy steeped in a desire to express unifying truths about the human experience. THESTYLEGUYDE Gallery stands to “Unite Communities through the Language of Art, Photography, Mixed Media Manipulation, Painting and Sculpture in hopes of driving conversation of change for marginal communities of BIPOC and LGBTQAI in Los Angeles.

Media Sponsors:

Orange Barrel Media partners with Curator Steve Galindo at THESTYLEGUYDE and 

Arushi Kapoor to highlight Decoding Americana's - Queer Sensibilities emerging talent in lieu of Pride with a digital billboard at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd., as a stance of solidarity and support to the queer, trans and non binary community. 

The digital billboard runs through June 30th and individual artist spotlights will run through July leading up to the exhibition @orange_barrel_media

For press inquiries, please contact:

Pernille Kjeldsen


Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of COLA 2023 

on July 13 with an opening reception from 6-8 pm.

Exhibition, July 13 through September 16, 2023. 

COLA 2023 features artists that are recipients of this year’s City of Los Angeles Individual Master Artist Project (COLA IMAP) in Visual Arts awarded by the Department of Cultural Affairs (@culture_la). 

 COLA 2023 presents new artworks from #DuanePaul @duanepaul, #PatriciaFernández @pforpaint, #WakanaKimura @wakanakimurastudio, #MichaelMassenburg @mmassenburg, #ElysePignolet @epignolet, and #KyungmiShin @kyungmi_shin_gray. 

Follow us @lamagbarnsdall and stay tuned in the coming weeks for behind the scenes looks into the installation of the exhibition, and make sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on COLA 2023 and LAMAG! #LAMAGallery #COLA2023atLAMAG

City of Los Angeles Individual Master Artist Project 2022/23 Artists Announced.

DCA’s Grants Administration Division has announced the recipients of the 

City of Los Angeles Individual Master Artist Project (COLA-IMAP) grants for 2022/2023.

The ten COLA-IMAP recipients are:

· Duane Paul,

· Michael Massenburg,

· Daniel Corral,

· Patricia Fernandez,

· Wakana Kimura,

· Alia Mohamed,

· Jasmine Orpilla,

· Elyse Pignolet,

· Kyungmi Shin,

· David Ulin.

These master artists will produce a new body of work with grants of $10,000 each to be premiered by the City of Los Angeles in one or more group presentations (catalog, exhibition, or performance showcase) in Spring 2023. The COLA-IMAP grant program was recently expanded to include accomplished avant-garde artists (actors, dancers, musicians, visual designers, or writers). COLA-IMAP honors the synergetic relationship between Los Angeles, its creative fields, the spectrum of local talent, our collective cultural history, and LA’s stature as an international center for creative entrepreneurship.

Transformative Arts, DTLA

410 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

November 5, 2022, 6-9pm

Click right to see the artists exhibiting at Transformative Arts!

curated by jill moniz

Adornment ⏐ Artifact

Opening Night 

Saturday - November 19th 6-9pm

Transformative Arts 

410 S Spring St, Los Angeles



Exhibition dates: October 15, 2022 - March 5, 2023

Experience ancient Nubia through the eyes of contemporary L.A. Artists

Adornment | Artifact is a multi-venue art experience that celebrates ancient Nubia through contemporary art, events, and conversations. Housed at five sites across the city, 

Adornment ⏐ Artifact investigates how contemporary artworks made in Los Angeles by LA-based artists engage and express the traditions, objects and materials that shaped the cultures of the Nile River Valley. Curated by jill moniz.


The Getty Villa

Transformative Arts 

Eastern Projects Gallery

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza

Band of Vices  


7500 N. Glenoaks Blvd

Burbank CA 91510


818 - 525- 5212
Defiance of Juncture
6PM - 9:00PM

Art Share Los Angeles,

801 E. 4th Place,
Los Angeles, CA 90013,
(213) 687-4278; Main Gallery

ArtShareLA is pleased to present“Defiance of Juncture”, a group survey exhibition highlighting Los Angeles contemporary artists across multiple art practices opening on July 10th and running through August 20th, 2021

Artists In The Exhibition:  Duane Paul, Michael Massenburg, Chelle Barbour, Samira Idroos, Cody Bayne, Rosalyn Myles, Mark “Bit”Savage, Amy McCormac, Isaac Pelayo, Antonio Pelayo, Prime K2S, Chantal Barlow, Jessi Jumanji, Craig Schultz (b4flight), Daniela Garcia, Carmen Mardonez, Amoura Gonzales, Leigh Barbier, Leigh Salgado, Miriam Kruishoop.

The exhibit will be on view to the public from

July 10th through August 20th
Curated by Badir McCleary (@artabovereality)

Please contact info@artsharela.org for more information. Exhibit information available upon request. All images from the exhibition are subject to copyright.

A STICKING TO, 2019, Duane Paul. Digital Photo. Courtesy of and © Duane Paul


The Poetics of Portraiture taking place on May 6, 2021.

How can photography investigate and liberate the visual language of Black identities? In this conversation, Glen Wilson moderates a conversation with April Banks, Duane Paul and Rikkí Wright to discuss their diverse, emancipatory work that focuses on portraiture.

This is the second of four talks complementing the forthcoming exhibition Photo Flux: Unshuttering LA.

Join our friends @gettymuseum on Thursday, May 6, 2021 for a live conversation with @aprilbanks_art, @duanepaul and @rikkwright to discuss their diverse, emancipatory work that focuses on portraiture. Moderated by Glen Wilson / @dubarts, this is the second of four talks complementing the exhibition “Photo Flux: Unshuttering LA.” These four Los Angeles-based artists offer individual and collective acts of refusal and reimagination to map freedom in public and private spaces.

This program is free and advance sign-up is required:


#gettymuseum #gettycenter

#losangeles #art #Photography

#duanepaul #selfieimperfectduanepaulduanepaul



DCA Cultural Trailblazer Award Recipient - 2021

We are excited to share a new series of sculptures by one of DCA's 2021 Cultural Trailblazers, Duane Paul. In these works, the artist uses repurposed denim, which the artist patches, sews, and mends, along with wood, paints, and pigments, to construct an abstract body that melds memories, cultural artifacts, and oral histories together.  The artist marks these surfaces with what he calls "tribal scarification," representative of ancestral histories and experiences. Through these layers of materials and treatments, Paul looks at the Black body, and what, as a Black gay man, can be absorbed and endured; what negotiations are necessary and possible.

Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery at California State University, 

Los Angeles. Exhibition Dates: August 24 to October 9, 2020

Mojo Rising - It is great pleasure to announce this important and the most-timely relevant exhibition “Mojo Rising” curated by Dr. jill moniz highlighting one of Betye Saar’s longest and most developed series and her influence and inspiration on generations of L.A. artists in R

Mojo Rising includes works from
duane paul
betye saar
alison saar
lezley saar
kerry james marshall
john outterbridge
regina herod
lisa diane wedgeworth
david hammons
rodney mcmillian
brenna youngblood
yrneh gabon
todd gray
rosalyn myles
cola smith
sarah perry
tanya aguiniga
kelly berg
ken dallcarter
maddie lesser
lila hlutes
emma robbins
monica wyatt
lavialle campbell
carolin ecaycedo
keiko fukazawa
chelsea dean
echikoo hira
Exhibition Dates: August 24 to October 9, 2020
View this exhibition on Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery’s
FB and Instagram
Dr. jill moniz, Independent Curator, Principal, Quotidian, Los Angeles
Dr. Mika Cho, Director, Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles #ronaldhsilvermanfagallery #calstatela #exhibition #betyesaar


170 S. La Brea Ave., Upstairs
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Friday, Saturday 1 - 5pm and by appointment
James Panozzo, Executive Director
Email info@launchla.org
Phone 323.899.1363
Connected Abstractly – Duane Paul, Annie Compean, Nano Rubio
July 18 – August 15, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 18, pm (FACEBOOK LIVE) https://www.facebook.com/LaunchLA
Connections, an exhibition featuring new work by Annie Compean, Duane Paul and Nano Rubio. Through the thematic contrast of man-made versus organic, each artist explores recognizable forms in new and interesting ways to challenge our understanding of signs, object-associative meanings and culturally derived connections.
Duane Paul’s multimedia sculptures concentrate on the fractured, fragmented memories of childhood, strung together and conflated by his adult reflection on past memories and experiences as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant, Gay man living within the Black American experience. Through a layering of materials, the nature of Paul’s process and the sculptures represent a conduit to the Black body and the Black experience, to explore ideas within the social zeitgeist of the historical and current. Combining traditional sculptural materials with repurposed utilitarian industrial media, Paul builds up the metaphoric surfaces of memories and experiences. The process then is to tear through, and expose those layers to get the desired effect of damage/decay. The intent of the surface treatment is to evoke the wear and tear of living. Numerous inspirations inform Paul’s work including the Japanese art of floral arrangement Ikebana, thematic elements of nature and the urban landscape, and sculpted biomorphic forms that link the human body (the organic) to the Man-made (geometric architecture) and the natural environment (foliage). The "Abstract Arrangements" ruminate on these ideas; their structure and composition take on the urban Los Angeles Landscape with its combination of hard edges of concrete buildings juxtaposed with the soft edges of organic, biomorphic structures. These works are a conversation on constructed partnered urban living.

OPENING: MAY 16, 2020
Are Here / Here We Are
And in what is perhaps the most ambitious and certainly the most adventurous, Durden & Ray’s We Are Here/Here We Are is a Google Maps-based self-guided tour of outdoor/street view site-specific sculptures opening at about 100 locations across the county on May 16, like a scavenger hunt you can accomplish from your car. No word on what you might win for catching them all and remember, pictures or it didn’t happen.
Durden and Ray presents We Are Here / Here We Are, a Los Angeles County-wide exhibition of nearly 100 artists that explores our innate desire for connectivity through sensation. Due to the constraints of the COVID-19 lockdown, the artists in this exhibition have chosen public spaces to display their work — from Santa Monica to the East Side and from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. The location of each piece will be posted on a Google Map that allows the exhibition to be explored virtually or in real life.

We are here.

While the world turns inward more than any other point in our lifetimes, we are paradoxically more connected with each other than ever through the use of social media, digital technology, video conferencing, and telecommunication. But as the streets remain empty, the restaurants and coffee shops remain closed, and the houses of social engagement remain shuttered, we are rediscovering “real life” through our homes, our neighborhoods and ourselves. As the digital world feeds our need to connect through sight and sound, we are experiencing a severe disconnect from the other sensory functions of touch, taste, and smell, yearning for experiences that happen through tactility, sensation, randomness, and place, which are currently only possible in real life.

Here we are.

The artists in the exhibition have chosen unorthodox alternatives to a traditional gallery setting, using a wide variety of media interventions in neighborhood alleyways, yards, trees, bushes, on rocks, fences, telephone poles, and other publicly accessible areas, while honoring social distancing mandates. The works in We Are Here / Here We Are are ephemeral in nature: vulnerable to the elements and to those who might destroy or confiscate them. Their resilience shows an innate desire to be present in the real world and to be seen as an individual amongst a larger collective peer group, despite all
experience the exhibition:
Click on the link to Durden and Ray’s personalized Google Map, which displays the coordinates of each work, a photograph of the piece in-situ, as well as a brief description that provides some context. A small placard is available at each site and provides some information about each piece, as well as a QR code that links to the map with more information about the show and other works in the neighborhood.
Opening: Saturday, May 16, 2020, starts at noon
On view: May 16-June 20, 2020
Hours: Dawn-dusk, every day, unless noted
Various locations: Please consult the Google Map


LA Blacksmith

September 10, 2019 - February 16, 2020
curated by: independent curator jill moniz

Complete list of artists:

Duane Paul
Joseph Beckles
Kendell Carter
Adrienne DeVine
Charles Dickson
Melvin Edwards
Charla Elizabeth
Maren Hassinger
Artis Lane
Ed Love
Kori Newkirk
John Outterbridge
John Riddle
Alison Saar
Betye Saar
Gerard Stripling
Kehinde Wiley
Beulah Woodard

CAAM | LA Blacksmith
For decades black artists in Los Angeles have worked with metal for its historic and symbolic significance, as well as for other sociocultural, political, and practical considerations. LA Blacksmith highlights this tradition, from historic Los Angeles metal sculpture that signifies the durability of West African metalsmithing aesthetics to contemporary explorations of iron and steel alloys, bronze, copper, tin, aluminum, and gold. Beginning with Beulah Woodard's homages to African mask making, LA Blacksmith examines how the Watts Rebellion and other political and aesthetic ideas shaped midcentury metalwork. Contemporary artists explore metal as appropriation, power, and play in twenty-first century Los Angeles. For these artists, metalwork layers the tension between tradition and resistance, preciousness and posture, as well as the sacred and the profane.

Metropolis: A Snapshot of Art Making in Los Angeles

at Bruce Lurie Gallery on November 16th, 2019 featuring
a collection of new works by eighteen Los Angeles based
contemporary artists across multiple practices.
Opening Reception:
November 16th, 2019
5 PM - 8 PM
Bruce Lurie Gallery
2736 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

This exhibition is curated by Badir McCleary and dedicated to the loving memory of former California African American Museum curator Vida L. Brown. What really defines living and working as an artist in Los Angeles Metropolis takes an anthropological and sociological view on art practice in the city.
Artists In The Exhibition:
Chelle Barbour, Sharon Barnes, April Bey, Steven Cogle, Adrienne Devine, Charles Dickson, June Edmonds, Al-Baseer Holly, Pamela Smith-Hudson, Overton Loyd, Man One, Michael Massenburg, Norman NOMZEE Maxwell, Sam Pace, Duane Paul, Wayne Perry, Miles Regis, and Jamaal Hasef Tolbert.
Metropolis: A Snapshot of Art Making in Los Angeles is located at Bruce Lurie Gallery (@bruceluriegallery) 2736 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Stay updated with ArtAboveReality on Instagram (@ArtAboveReality) via the hashtags #ArtAboveReality, #MetropolisLA. Also visit us at https://www.artabovereality.com. Show imagery available upon request. All images are subject to copyright. Artist approval must be granted prior to reproduction.
The exhibit will be on view to the public November 16th through December 14th, 2019.
Download The Press Release. Please visit https://www.luriegallery.com/ or contact info@artabovereality.com for more information.

LA Blacksmith
September 10, 2019 - February 16, 2020
curated by: independent curator jill moniz
Complete list of artists:
Duane Paul
Joseph Beckles
Kendell Carter
Adrienne DeVine
Charles Dickson
Melvin Edwards
Charla Elizabeth
Maren Hassinger
Artis Lane
Ed Love
Kori Newkirk
John Outterbridge
John Riddle
Alison Saar
Betye Saar
Gerard Stripling
Kehinde Wiley
Beulah Woodard
CAAM | LA Blacksmith
For decades black artists in Los Angeles have worked with metal for its historic and symbolic significance, as well as for other sociocultural, political, and practical considerations. LA Blacksmith highlights this tradition, from historic Los Angeles metal sculpture that signifies the durability of West African metalsmithing aesthetics to contemporary explorations of iron and steel alloys, bronze, copper, tin, aluminum, and gold. Beginning with Beulah Woodard's homages to African mask making, LA Blacksmith examines how the Watts Rebellion and other political and aesthetic ideas shaped midcentury metalwork. Contemporary artists explore metal as appropriation, power, and play in twenty-first century Los Angeles. For these artists, metalwork layers the tension between tradition and resistance, preciousness and posture, as well as the sacred and the profane.

Serpentine Fire

Fire Exhibit
January 19 - March 30th
410 S Spring St,
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Curator: Jillith Moniz / Quotidian

Quotidian presents Serpentine Fire featuring LA?s standard bearers in iconoclasm who push boundaries, developing new techniques, modalities and aesthetics. This community of makers feeds artistic and cultural curiosity, realizes visions and sustains itself through their work. Serpentine Fire, based on the song of the same name by Earth, Wind & Fire, captures a group of artists who have radical art practices, much like the band?s early music.

Mel Edwards, Henry Taylor, Ed Love, Kori Newkirk, Umar Rashid, Lyndon Barrois, Glen Wilson and Duane Paul use divergent media to create visually rich language born from life in LA.
Video of Earth, Wind & Fire performing Serpentine Fire shows the band in colorful clothes, singing lyrics with complex rhythms that set them apart from soul bands of their generation. The artists in this exhibition are equally recognizable as they eschew traditional art roles and practices to follow their own motivations, style and aesthetics.
Serpentine Fire highlights historical radical artists Mel Edwards and Ed Love(1936-1999). Edwards studied painting at USC but revolutionized the LA art world with his welded abstract steel works that are allegories for human experience. He had his first solo museum exhibition in 1965. Ed Love was born in Los Angles and began using chrome bumpers as material that could connect people to something larger than themselves. At the time few understood his aesthetic intentions or his emphasis on the stories he wanted to tell about the durability of black life. Edwards and Love stand as models for younger generations of artists inhabiting the rebellious narrative art spaces LA offers those who dare.
Duane Paul's multiple media practice hones on sublime lines and materiality. His new work provocatively expands the relationship between textile and fine art.
Henry Taylor took on the challenge of painting meaning, color and life in Los Angeles with a dynamic, self-possessed style when many had turned to conceptual art. He boldly situates figures in landscapes, building a visual literacy that conjoins his personal experiences with a historic medium.

From his early classes with James Jarvaise to his time at CalArts, and throughout his career in Los Angeles, Taylor demonstrates his maverick sensibilities with compositions that richly layer painterly brushstrokes with a rigorous passionate attention to aesthetic narratives.

Todd Gray's vast career began in the early 1970s as a photograph capturing bands including Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. He turned his unique perspectives on popular culture into one of the most prolific and textured art practices in LA. His work in Serpentine Fire comes from his art as protest series plastered guerrilla-style throughout LA during the 1984 Olympics.
Kori Newkirk, winner of the William H Johnson Prize and other notable accolades has developed a chameleon-like practice, trying on ideas then shifting structures and modalities and challenging the viewer to keep up. Like Newkirk, Umar Rashid, also known as Frohawk Two Feathers, melds genres, histories and materials to bring art back to its roots of edifying and resonating cultural meaning.
Lyndon Barrois earned an MFA from CalArts and has become a well-respected animator. Barrois pushes the boundaries of animation with unconventional materials and culturally significant narratives. Glen Wilson also has a foothold in the film business, experiences he translates into beautifully executed and alternatively rendered still imagery.
Serpentine Fire is a gathering of artists who continue to extend LA?s boundaries for art making. Each artist practices in joyfully rebellious margins and this unorthodoxy gives them license to surprise and captivate viewers with strong visual language, using sculpture, painting, animation, photographic and graphic art to locate themselves as well as communicate their mastery of aesthetics.
Curated by jill moniz
Photo: Duane Pauls- Detail /Sculpture Sexual Awakening Cut Short by A Glance?

Pretty Big Things, Curated by Brenda G. Williams

3 November - 22 December 2018
Artist Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 10,
Walter Maciel Gallery
2642 s. la cienega blvd.
los angeles, ca 90034
310 839 1840
Pretty is defined as being attractive in a delicate way. Big connotes a considerable size or intensity. Thing is an object that often has no specific identity but for this exhibition the thing is art.
Pretty Big Things represents the energy of optimism and possibility while embracing beauty, meditation and positive anticipation. After a couple of tumultuous and emotional years in our political spectrum, the desire to experience the simple joy and satisfaction of engaging art work becomes the focus of this exhibition putting aside our thoughts of despair, revolt, anger and fear.
The selection of artworks by six California-based artists generates a conversation of personal intent and working styles that will hopefully result in a movement of high optimism, reflection, action and mobilization for change as a way to empower our community.
Participating artists: Duane Paul, Lavialle Campbell, Martin Durazo,
Carolyn Castano, Lisa Soloman and Lava Thomas


and Rain Arrangements: The photographs in this book are beautiful, haunting, raw and provocative. Artist, Duane Paul creates a memorable iconography with visually arresting. His photographic imagery in this book challenges notions of dimensionality and meaning in his highly narrative sculptural compositions, constructing objects and images that evoke sky scrapers, reliquaries as well as ghost towns and sense of some kind of aftermath.


April 14 ? May 26, 2018
410 S Spring Street
Opening Reception April 14 6-9p
EXTENT is an investigation of sculptural volume and form featuring Los Angeles based artists Duane Paul, Peter Shelton, Blue McRight, Lisa Bartleson, Joe Davidson, Nike Schroeder and Lisa Soto.
The measure of EXTENT is realized in the diverse media that weigh narratives of loss, identity, memory and the awareness of the form itself. From resin works, to wire, wood, bronze, yarn and plaster pieces that are sophisticated renderings of dimensionality, EXTENT works are in a dialog about the weight of negative space and its formal relationship to meaning. Exploring the elasticity of material and its ability to convey complex epistemes, the works resonate with considerations of space in content and context, a particular Los Angeles sensibility since the 1960s where objects weigh the multiple layers of composition.
In a tradition of experimentation and discovery, Los Angeles gives EXTENT artists the encouragement and permission to develop heavily narrative compositions with sculptural form. Shelton et al share a unique perspective on space and place-making that occurs when the subject and physical material both contribute to the weight and/or weightlessness of the object.

EXTENT artists develop visual language that provocatively investigates the tension between painting and object, narrative and form, and weight and weightlessness, emphasizing scope, scale and the relationship between sculptural materiality and loss. This exhibition puts Shelton's historically foundational works in conversation with new works never exhibited in Los Angeles, to create a composition that challenges perceptions of absence and mass.

Curated by jill moniz
Quotidian a jill moniz project


Diasporagasm / Group Show
Opening Reception
Saturday, October. 14th
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Participating artists:
Duane Paul
Bright Ackwerh
Kwame Akoto
Lavialle Campbell
Florine Demosthene
June Edmonds
Cole James
Jeffrey Meris
Jodi Minnis
Nii Kotei Nikoi
Keisha Oliver
SHOW DATES: SBC SoLA: Oct. 14 - Nov. 18, 2017
Nov. 5, 5-7 Curator's Walk Through with April Bey
#art #contemporaryart #laart#bahamianart #ghanaianart #haitianart #jamaiacanartist #diasporagasm #exhibition@losangeles_city @bandofvices @creativecurvyginger @gallery1957 @contemporaryartghana @chalewoteofficial Diasporagasm at SBC SoLA 

Gallery South Bay Contemporary SOLA

Contact: Peggy Sivert Zask
310 429 0973
Michael Stearns
(562) 400-0544
Diasporagasm: Curated by Beyoncenista

South Bay Contemporary Gallery in conjunction with Michael Stearns Studio 347 presents

a co-located multi-media exhibition Diaspor agasm. Diasporagasm is curated by Beyoncenista - artist
April Bey?s alter ego - and acts as a performance bringing together melanated artists working in Los Angeles, Haiti, Ghana, the Caribbean and West Africa.
Drawing from the groundbreaking film Moonlight?a timeless story of human connection and
self-discovery, the curator appropriates, amends and recontextualizes the juxtaposition of art,
race and gender. The works in this exhibition will be from 14 artists who identify as black, but the work itself will not be ?black art?. Rather conversations about what it means through individualism to be black, geographic differentiations in culture and how all the baggage carried comes through in artist work.

Diaspora here translates to experiences and the authority that comes with those experiences.

While the artists represented identify themselves as black?their walks vary drastically forcing
relatiability amongst this fictitious construction we call race.

Opening Reception for Duane Paul and Brad Killam

Nan Rae Gallery at Woodbury University
August 27 at 3:00pm - 5:00pm (Sunday)

Echo Location

a group exhibition curated by Lisa C Soto
Saturday, February 25th, 7-10 PM
Eastside International (ESXLA)
602 Moulton Ave, LA CA 90031
February 18 - March 18, 2017
Gallery Hours beginning February 18th: Sat & Sun 1 to 5pm, or by appointment.
Eastside International (ESXLA)
A sonar mapping, a location of objects, people, across space in some sense a call, a response one navigates, negotiates space, place, neighborhood, one?s community. what are the rituals, rhythms where are the borders, the markers, fixed or ephemeral.
The exhibition features work by artists who participated in a series of talks at Soto?s Inglewood studio entitled ?Conversations By Artists For Artists?, which began in November of 2015.
The conversations were intended to build connectivity, cultivate empowerment, and provide an intimate space for the exchange of ideas, energies, and 
Featuring: Duane Paul, Amitis Motevalli, Andy Moses, Cindy Rehm, Glen Wilson, Isabelle Lutterodt, Jamaal Tolbert, John K. Chan, Kelly Berg, Kimberly Morris, Kysa Johnson, Kyungmi Shin, Lisa C Soto, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth, Lita Albuquerque, Martin Durazo, Michael Massenburg, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Raksha Parekh, Selwyn Hinds, Todd Gray,
Virginia Broersma, Zeal Harris.
Exhibition designed by John K Chan of Formation Association.
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 25th, 7-10 PM
February 18 - March 18, 2017
Gallery Hours beginning February 18th: Sat & Sun 1 to 5pm, or by appointment.
Eastside International (ESXLA)
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The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery presents SKIN

Race is the least reliable information you can have about someone. It?s real information,

but it tells you next to nothing.*This exhibition, SKIN, addresses issues that have been increasingly prominent since the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama. It was the first time that an African American had run for President and won. The election symbolized strides thought to have been made in race relations, yet it also revealed ruptures in the "skin" that binds us as Americans, and ultimately, as people. During the last year, events in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, New York City, Prairie View, Charleston, Oakland, and Southern California have revealed chasms in the issues of race and identity.
Conversations about race have always taken place within diasporic communities, but in the wake of racially charged events over the last year, it has become a growing part of the national dialogue. Artists in Los Angeles and throughout the country have been galvanized by these events. The objective of SKIN is to bring the conversation into a centralized discursive space, and we are seeking work that is both thoughtful and thought provoking.


I had the pleasure to be invited to collaborate with the Bernhard Willhelm
and imagine Head Sculptures (hats, if you will) as well as Neck and Wrist Sculptures
(cuffs /bracelets & Neck Jewelry, if you will) that would play with and have
conversation with his new collection. Stone wash / Bleached denim / Faded and worn-out effects / Tie dye / Paint spots / Silkscreen prints / Handmade embroideries / Brushed silk Hats and Jewelry: The collection features a commission of twelve handmade hats (made to order) and a selection of bracelets out of treated plywood, plastic, wire and traditional and utilitarian materials by artist Duane Paul (www.duanepaul.com)
PURE JOY, to play with this forward thinking innovative designer.

Please follow the links to view the collection.

A Magazine
Fucking Young

Boston Court presents its 8th Annual Art Exhibition featuring the debut of work reimagined for Boston Court Performing Arts Center by artist/sculptor Duane Paul who is the 2015 Pasadena MiniGrant recipient.

Curated by Gabriel Cifarelli.
Artist Reception
Friday, October 9th
5pm - 10pm
For more information:
Boston Court Performing Arts Center:
70 North Mentor Avenue,
or 626- 683-6883
Boston Court Performing Arts Center Public Hours:
October 1 - 11th, 2015
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7pm - 10 pm
Sundays 1pm- 4pm

California African American Museum - CAAM

Hard Edged Abstraction and Beyond
600 State Drive, Exposition Park Los Angeles,
California 90037


Geometrical Abstraction and Beyond
Show runs August 15, 2015 - April 24, 2016
Opening Reception: August 15, 12 - 2PM
This exhibition explores the ?hard-edged,? featuring more than 30 Los Angeles artists who use geometry and abstraction in their work. These artists explore the realm of abstraction through varying mediums and artistic approaches (from perceptual to conceptual, from formal to boundary-crossing) yet they all share a clear sense of composition and unity in form.


Hard Edged/Best of 2015 along with some very, Very good company! :-)
Carolina Miranda (Los Angeles)Staff writer, Los Angeles Times
Best of 2015 ? There have been many this year, but I think the most interesting happening has been the wave of major institutional exhibitions of work by black artists in Los Angeles: William Pope.L at MOCA with his dangerously seductive flag; the precise mathematical grids of Charles Gaines at the Hammer Museum; a series of visceral inky black paintings by Mark Bradford, also at the Hammer; Kahlil Joseph?s meditative view of Compton at MOCA; Njideka Akunyili Crosby?s rich collages at the Hammer and at Art + Practice, and Hard Edged, the exhibition of black abstraction at the California African American Museum. (It?s still on view, LA. Go see it!) Not one show was like the next. And collectively they energized and greatly expanded our views of art and art history.


Los Angeles World Airports Arts Exhibition (LAX)
& Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs: Public Art Division
Commission: Installation "Three Forms to Incite Rain - a talisman"
CONTACTS: LAX/Katherine Alvarado
Contact: Sarah Cifarelli
(424) 646-5178
High-resolution images available upon request.
(Los Angeles, California July 24, 2015)
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs announces a new art installation at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) of abstract sculptures that symbolize the beauty, energy, and vulnerability of California?s landscape. Three Forms to Incite Rain, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Duane Paul, is on view for ticketed passengers in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, Customs Hallway, Arrivals Level, through October 2015.

Three Forms to Incite Rain is a site-specific installation featuring four large sculptures comprised of plywood, paint, and rope. At the center of the display case, three wall-mounted sculptures, whose title and cloud-like shapes reference Californias severe drought, feature intersecting forms that are reminiscent of the regions highways, symbolizing the continuous connective tissue of urban Los Angeles. Using repetition and vivid color, Paul takes multi-colored plywood bands, and strips from them layers of paint to evoke a velvety-worn surface that has endured wear and tear. He shapes the bands into clustered and crisscrossed curved arrangements, and adds coils of dyed rope that fall pooling at the floor of the case. Of this ensemble, the artist says, I envisioned these three sculptures as talisman objects that represent elements of nature: earth, sky, and water. Together, these objects embody our collective desire for rain.


In contrast to the three billowing sculptures, a fourth free-standing sculpture rises up vertically in an assemblage of colorful, distressed objects, rooted cactus-like and resilient. The mixture of materials, colors, and textures of the four sculptures invite us to contemplate our relationship to nature, to urban life, and to each other.

About the Los Angeles International Airport Art Program. The mission of the LAX Art Program is to enhance and humanize the travel experience by providing diverse and memorable art experiences throughout the airport. The art program includes temporary exhibitions, permanent installations, and cultural performances. With an emphasis on local and regional artists, the Art Program provides access to an array of contemporary artworks that reflect and celebrate the regions creative caliber.

Information and Press, Guided Tours

Contact: Sarah Cifarelli
(424) 646-5178
Tim McGowan - Arts Manager
or DCA -213-202-5546 (Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Public Art Division)

Lyons Wier Gallery // NEW YORK

542 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
July 16th 2015 - August 15th 2015
UNLIMITED POTENTIAL ART EXHIBIT <img src="http://www.unlimitedpotentialart.com/?p=33" border="0" />
Artist: Duane Paul - Mark Zimmermann - Suzanne Laura Kammin - Christopher Arabadjis
Rodger Stevens - Helen Oleary - Erika Diehl - Gayle Ruskin - Jeanne Heifetz - Christopher Rico Alex Couwenberg - Jeffrey Cortland - Jones Fatima Shaik - James Austin Murray -
Awhile back I was having a heated and compassionate conversation with gallery artist James Austin Murray about the onslaught of recent writings dealing with Zombie Formalism and process-based artwork written by art critics Walter Robinson and Jerry Saltz. Murray has been investigating his own formal abstraction for almost a decade and had plenty to say about the critical bandwagon that was gaining traction within this genre. Armed with a litany of ideas and artists whose work buttressed his position, I offered Murray the opportunity to curate and realize his passionate discourse. Over the last year I watched Murray transition from an artist with a ?rant? to an artist with a vision. The exhibition, ?Unlimited Potential,? is the fruit of his labors. -Michael Lyons Wier

Murray states, Unlimited Potential is what each piece in this show is about. The works evidence the back and forth, the constant Q and A between artist and artwork. Each artist is searching for something; be it the sublime, the metaphor, the spiritual, and/or the communion and sometimes an artwork hits that sweet spot. The thing with ?Unlimited Potential is that theres always more than one answer to a question, and more than one painting or sculpture that hits that sweet

the end of the day, ?Unlimited Potential? is an exhibition that started as a response to the critics but has since surpassed that, evolving into a thesis all of its own. The exhibition is not about Zombie Formalism, but about process-oriented artwork. It is a show that embraces the painter and their process, their knowledge and the courage to take that step into the unknown. The show is all about formal abstraction and it is some of the best abstraction I think is being made today. -James Austin Murray

Opening Reception

Bitches Rule cycle 3 Group Show and Zine Release
Saturday, May 17th 7-9:30
@ & Pens Press
8564 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Bitches Rule is an occasional "queer centric" art event and casual collective created to foster and showcase the artwork of LGBTQ artists of Los Angeles in an unconventional, non-traditional environment. Bitches Rule cycle 3 showcases both the work of emerging and established artists, exemplifying the sense of community and support that queer artists share. Some of us are in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, others show internationally and others simply just create. But one thing is clear, all these Bitches Rule!
Duane Paul,Brian Gainey, Juan Martin Del Campo, John Arsenault, David Rasmussen, Zackary Drucker, prvtdncr, Bodega Vendetta, Paul Gellman, Brandon Andrew, Darin Klein, artist unknown, Enrique Castrejon, Jesse Bernea
Opening Reception
And Bitches Rule cycle 3 zine release
Saturday, May 17th 7-9:30
@ & Pens Press
8564 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

California African American Museum Collection (CAAM)

Recent Acquisitions - Curatorial Selections 2014
Show opens: June 26th - September 7th 2014

Miami Art Basel 2013

Leading international galleries show work from masters of Modern
and contemporary art as well as pieces by newly emerging stars.
Paintings, sculptures, drawings, Installations, photographs, films,
and editioned works of the highest quality.

Miami Beach / December 5-8, 2013

Featuring the work of multi-medium artist
Art of Fusion Pop-Up Gallery
22nd Street NW 2nd Ave


"Speaking Tongues" (The material of communication) SOLO SHOW

Reginald Ingraham Gallery is pleased to announce that the Duane Paul "Speaking Tongues"

exhibition has been extended until October 26th.
If you have not visited the gallery to view the show, please do so. The wall and "totem" like sculptures have been called "structurally beautiful as they are visually captivating". The mix of textures and materials gives this work an unrecognizable source of medium and demands the viewer to question, seek or move past their realm of thinking in one direction, in one language.

The Gallery is open Wed-Sat, 12noon-6:00pm and by appointment.

Part 2, of a conversation between John Outterbridge and curator jill moniz, begun at the Garboushian Gallery's "Heavy Metal" exhibition. In the second conversation between artist John Outterbridge and curator jill moniz, they explore the space where art and social action meet. With Duane Paul's totemic "Speaking Tongues" serving as a backdrop, they examine the role of tradition and material in the convergence of social agency and aesthetics.
4:30p wine and cheese, 5:00p, artist talk. Duane Paul

"Speaking Tongues" (The material of communication)

SEPT 7 - OCT 26, 2013
Bergamot Station
Reginald Ingraham Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave., Build G8a
Santa Monica CA 90404

Reginald Ingraham Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Duane Paul. This exhibition will be the gallery's first solo exhibition of the artist.

Duane Paul's new body of work has been a brilliant metamorphosis from his last, from the kinetic explosions of shapes and textures in his past work, to his layered, multi-hued, more organic, fluid like movements subtle, celebrating the materials that he has used in the past, but allowing the inner beauty to reveal itself in the new.
The color palette in which Duane Paul chooses to drape his work in is reminiscent to that of Sam Gilliams's saturated pastels on fabric. The totem pole like sculptures are as sculpturally bold and organically distressed as the work of Noah Purifoy....But Paul takes his inspiration from a different place, a place from (memories and experiences), a place from desire, sex, sexuality, loss, decay, deterioration, and ideas of "the impermanent".
Duane Paul decribes his work of "like" totem sculptures, (a mixed medium combination of wood, ceramic and other materials), to evoke a "sense of stoic stillness, served as venerated communicative emblems of my experience with people, family, lovers, linage, and my chosen kinships". Furthermore, by deeply engaging himself and his personal experience with others, to the work, each piece is allowed to communicate personally to the viewer and have its own language, its own voice.

Please join us in welcoming Duane Paul at the reception of his first solo show, Duane Paul "Speaking Tongues" on Saturday, Sept 7th, 6:00pm-10:00, at the Reginald Ingraham Gallery, 

Bergamot Station, Build G8a


Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave., Build G8a
Santa Monica CA 90404
Tel: 310-582-1500
Email: r.ingrahamgallery@yahoo.com
Modern and Contemporary African American art