Duane Paul:  Multidisciplinary artist current practice is concerned with “constructed sculptures”; Building on personalized modular biomorphic and amorphous shapes I call my alphabet; I concentrate on the fractured, fragmented memories of childhood, strung together and conflated by his adult reflection on past memories and experiences as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant, Gay man living within the Black American experience. The materials used and cultivated are varied. However, the through-line in their usage is the layering of materials, in order to construct narratives. The nature of my process and the sculptures represent a conduit to my experience, to explore ideas within the social zeitgeist of the historical and current.

Numerous inspirations inform my work thematic elements of nature and the urban landscape and sculpted biomorphic forms that link the human body (the organic) to the Man-made (geometric architecture) and the natural environment (foliage). Abstract Constructed Sculptures, Photographs and Paintings ruminate on these ideas.

Combining traditional sculptural materials with repurposed and utilitarian industrial media, 

I build up the metaphoric surfaces of memories and experiences. The process then is to tear through and expose those layers to get the desired effect of damage/decay. The intent of the surface treatment is to evoke the wear and tear of living - ”Life”.